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Declassification of Waterborne Paint Technology - More than 300 enterprises gather to promote green development of furniture industry

Date:2019-02-20    Reading number:146


       Faced with the national advocacy of environmental protection, the market for green furniture and environmental protection requirements are increasing, a "oil to water" tide is surging.

       In this context, an exchange meeting on supply and demand of wood-based intelligent manufacturing with the theme of "environmental protection upgrade, water-based paint technology decryption" was held on August 16, 2018 in the 100 Brand Hall of Yanxuan, Lunjiao, Guangdong Province. More than 300 enterprise representatives and industry experts from both supply and demand sides of furniture industry attended the meeting.

       This exchange is sponsored by Zhongshan Furniture Chamber of Commerce, Lecong Furniture Association and Jiangmen Daze Redwood Association. It is co-sponsored by Mechanical Cat Network Platform and Yanxuan 100 Brand Pavilion. The support units include China Water-based Wood Coatings Industry Technical Alliance, Foshan Shunde Environmental Protection Association, Foshan Shunde District Lecong Young Entrepreneurs Association, and sponsored exclusively by Difeng Machinery.

       At the meeting, experts discussed the way of future development of water-based paint technology, built a dialogue platform between paint and furniture manufacturers, brought a knowledge feast for the enterprises present, and carried out operational tests on Intelligent painting equipment, which received a warm response.


Industry focus

Discussion on the Puzzlement of "Oil to Water"


▲Conference site

 At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Huang Wei, General Manager of 100, was strictly selected to address you. Mr. Huang said that he sincerely thanked and welcomed the guests and friends, and hoped that through this symposium, we could help you to understand the water-based paint technology.


▲Mr. Huang Wei, General Manager of Yanxuan 100

  Next, Mr. Wu Sigui, General Manager of Left Bank Home Furniture, looked at the technical problems of water-based paint from the production side.


▲Mr. Wu Sigui, General Manager of Left Bank Home

  Mr. Luo Jikang, Supervisor of Shanggao Sanitary Ware Production, looked at the difficulty of water-based paint from the point of view of the end of use. He described the continuous attempts of Shanggao Sanitary Ware in recent years and made up his mind to improve the technology of water-based paint in an all-round way this year.


▲Mr. Luo Jikang, Supervisor of Sanitary Ware Production

  Mr. Zhu Yan'an, General Manager of Carbury, described the new trend of waterborne paint technology from the development process of paint.


▲General Manager of Carbury Mr. Zhu Yanan

  Mr. He Mujun, an expert in water-borne paint of Dibang, analyses the waterproof function and air permeability function of water molecules in water-borne paint film



  Mr. Zhang Taiping, Chairman of Mianmianjia Water Paint Board, took mahogany furniture as an example to describe the advantages and technology of using water-based paint in detail, and expressed his vision for the future development of green furniture.


▲Mr. Zhang Taiping, Chairman of Face Paint Board

  Dialogue industry coffee, for the presence of associations members, furniture enterprises to answer the "difficult and complicated" water-based painting.



Wood lesson * mechanical cat

    Then came an important moment, the signing ceremony of the exclusive strategic cooperation between mechanical cat and wood lesson.

  Jiang sir, co-founder of Wood Course, came to the stage to share: Wood Course covers production technology, process control, equipment accessories selection, common problems, etc. The course is suitable for practitioners of furniture and the whole industry chain, to master professional knowledge faster.


▲Jiang, Co-founder and Product Director of Wooden Course sir


▲Mr. Huang Yuquan, Executive General Manager of Wooden Course, and Mr. He Zeu, General Manager of Mechanical Cat signed an exclusive strategic cooperation agreement.

  Through this signing ceremony, we will expand exchanges and strengthen cooperation between the two sides, and build a platform for systematic learning for furniture enterprises and machinery enterprises.





  Walk into Panoramic Production Line and Know the Operation of Intelligent Environmental Protection Production Line Closely.


▲Pose for a group photo

Decrypting "Black Technology"

Solving the Difficulties of Water-based Coating in an All-round Way



In the afternoon of the event, a group of enterprises and experts visited Difeng Machinery to experience the "black technology" spraying equipment for spraying a door in 40 seconds, and to understand the "environmental protection, intelligence and efficiency" performance of Difeng Machinery and Equipment.

Members of the association and furniture enterprises present visited Difeng's fist product, high efficiency reciprocating automatic spraying machine. They were very interested in it and discussed it with Difeng staff.


▲Visit Intelligent Painting Equipment

  Subsequently, people moved to the conference room and continued to explore learning. The meeting began under the chairmanship of Mr. Ma Zhongwei, Director of Difeng Machinery Market.


▲Mr. Ma Zhongwei, Director of Difeng Machinery Market



  First of all, Ms. Li Yejun, General Manager of Difeng Machinery, came to the stage to share. General Li introduced the general situation of Difeng Company and the future development plan of the enterprise, and made great efforts to achieve the ultimate reciprocating spraying.


Ms. Li Yejun, General Manager of Difeng Machinery

  Mr. Yang Xian, Chairman of China Water-borne Wood Coatings Industry Technical Alliance, described the situation of water-borne paint in recent years and expressed his expectation for the development of water-borne paint.


▲Mr. Yang Xian, Chairman of China Water-borne Wood Coatings Industry Technology Alliance

  Mr. Xie Qing, deputy general manager of Difeng Machinery, shared the application of intelligent spraying equipment in furniture industry.


Mr. Xie Qing, Deputy General Manager of Difeng Machinery

  Mr. Zhu Yan'an, General Manager of Carbury Water-based Paint Division, shared the classic case of "oil to water" from the perspective of Carbury Paint itself.


Mr. Zhu Yanan, General Manager of Water-borne Paint Business Department, Secretary-General of China Water-borne Wood Coatings Industry Technical Alliance



  At present, under the background of strict implementation of environmental protection policy, the domestic industry chain is facing pressure, but also ushered in new opportunities for development.

  This supply and demand activity provides a good communication platform for many paint, equipment and furniture enterprises. Rich content, targeted topics, so that participating enterprises can make a good trip, full of harvest. By sharing the changes brought by water-based paint to enterprises, enterprises realize the advantages of water-based paint in environmental protection and drive the industry to progress. The supply and demand exchange meeting was a complete success.


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