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Difeng Machinery Hiking in Autumn and September

Date:2019-02-20    Reading number:128



  On September 28, 2018, as the National Day is approaching, the Party Branch of Shunfa Chamber of Commerce organized an outdoor hiking event on the theme of "Golden Autumn Meeting, Walking Strongly, the Most Beautiful Shunfa Chamber of Commerce" for the members of the Chamber of Commerce, aiming at celebrating the 69th anniversary of the birth of New China.

  As the deputy chairman of Shunfa Chamber of Commerce, Guangdong Shunde Difeng Machinery Co., Ltd. dispatched a strong team of 16 people, led by General Manager Li Yejun personally, and actively participated in the hiking activities.


 Difeng Machinery Team

  Difeng Machinery 16 people team uniformly dressed, spirited from Shunfengshan Park North entrance, into the hiking area. Beautiful ecological scenery gives the mechanical "hikers" of Difeng full of energy and power. The long hiking journey is full of laughter and laughter, brisk footsteps, full of power. In the process, we will not forget to find the beauty of life and shoot beautiful scenery and classics.



  In the middle of the hike, the "hikers" of Difeng Machinery encouraged each other, went forward hand in hand, constantly broke through and challenged their limits, and achieved self-transcendence. By virtue of their strong will and the refueling and encouragement of their companions, they persisted in the whole journey and reached their destination ahead of time, which is undoubtedly proud of us. We not only challenged nature, but also conquered ourselves.



  Sixteen members of the Difeng Machinery Team passed through the 8-kilometer hiking journey in Shunfengshan Park, conveying the positive energy of "healthy life, advancing for dreams" with practical actions.



  In fact, life is just a hiking trip, the ups and downs and twists of the journey, just like the road of life, is both difficult and beautiful scenery. Understanding life on foot, steadfastly taking every step under foot, not giving up lightly, only persistence can win!



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