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Difeng Machinery Helps the Development of Wardrobe and Cabinet Industry in Hubei Province

Date:2019-02-20    Reading number:139



  On the morning of October 12, 2018, [the 1st Congress of the First Member of Hubei Customized Wardrobe and Cabinet Industry Association] was held in Wuhan and Ruihua Meida Hotel.

  Membership enterprises, invited leaders and industry guests attended the conference up to 200 people. At the same time, they received live reports from Hubei TV, Wuhan Evening News,   Yangtze River Business News, Sohu, Tencent and Mechanical Cat. Xiao Chengyuan was elected President and Li Shaohu was Secretary-General.

  Li Yejun, general manager of Guangdong Shunde Difeng Machinery Co., Ltd., and Liu Ning, deputy general manager of Guangdong Shunde Difeng Machinery Co., Ltd. were invited to attend the conference.


  At the conference, Liu Ning, deputy general manager of Guangdong Shunde Difeng Machinery Co., Ltd., was invited to give a speech on the theme of "Application of Intelligent Painting Equipment in Customized Furniture (Wardrobe) Industry".

  Deputy General Manager Liu Ning introduced the production lines of Difeng Reciprocating Automatic Painting Machine, CNC Manipulator Spraying Line (Wood Gate), Robot Spraying Line and Equipment Material Link Prospect in detail, and explained the application cases of specific enterprises in customized furniture industry, wood door industry and cabinet industry to show the customizer of intelligent painting equipment to Hubei Customized Home Association. The key application of transformation and upgrading of wardrobe industry.

  The excellent speech by deputy general manager Liu Ning of Difeng Machinery attracted great attention of the participants. After the meeting, consultation and understanding of enterprises and guests continued.

  After the conference, Xiao Chengyuan, president of the association, and Li Yejun, general manager of Difeng Machinery Co., Ltd., and Liu Ning, deputy general manager, had in-depth exchanges. President Xiao affirmed the products and technology of Difeng Machinery and hoped to strengthen the association's contacts and cooperation with Difeng Machinery.

  Li Yejun, General Manager, on behalf of Difeng Machinery, congratulated the establishment of the Full House Customized Wardrobe and Cabinet Industry Association in Hubei Province, and extended an invitation to President Xiao. He welcomed the association to visit Difeng Machinery for investigation and exchange.

  Li said that Difeng Machinery is willing to contribute its own strength to the development of the wardrobe and cabinet industry in Hubei, and help the transformation and upgrading of the customized furniture (wardrobe) industry in Hubei.





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