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Continuous Improvement and Innovative Development --- 2008 Difeng Machinery Spring Festival Delegation

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       With the coming of spring, Vientiane begins to renew.

  On February 8, Guangdong Shunde Difeng Machinery Co., Ltd. 2018 Spring Festival Group Meeting was held in Shunde Xianquan Hotel.

  At 19:00, the Delegation Meeting officially opened in a passionate speech by Li Yejun, general manager of the company. In his speech, Li pointed out that 2017, just past, was the last year of Difeng Machinery's three-year strategy and a year of fruitful harvest. In this year, under the guidance of the strategic policy of "improvement, innovation and development", the company seized the opportunity, faced the challenge directly, worked hard with cohesion and pragmatism, maintained a good situation of sustained and healthy development, and achieved more than 60% growth in total sales over the previous year. The sales model of integrating direct marketing and distributors has achieved initial results, and the "point-to-point" sales strategy has achieved phased results. We have reached strategic partnership with many well-known enterprises in China, completed six new product development projects, and launched four innovative products, such as the third generation high-speed spraying machine and three-dimensional drying kiln, to the market, which have won the favor and high recognition of the market. We have jointly completed four production, study and research projects with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Guangdong Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing, and three products of the company have been widely approved. The first set of major technical equipment in Eastern Province has been recognized; 4 invention patents, 2 product appearance patents and 10 utility model patents have been declared and accepted, and 2 invention patents and 5 utility model patents have been obtained; Difeng Machinery has maintained its position as a pioneer in the painting industry.

  At the same time, Mr. Li also put forward new expectations for the development of Difeng Machinery in 2018, requiring all employees to build up confidence, around the guiding ideology of "continuous improvement and innovative development", give full play to our technological advantages, increase market expansion, strengthen quality control, build industry benchmarking service system, strengthen cooperation between industry, University and research projects, and launch high-speed spraying over 8 meters per minute. Lacquer machine and intelligent wooden door painting production line, to create Difeng machinery in the painting industry's leading position in technology, to achieve annual sales revenue in 2017 on the basis of an increase of more than 60%.

  In the guest's New Year message link, leaders of major associations, experts of scientific research institutes, benchmarking customers and strategic cooperation suppliers gave full affirmation to the past achievements of Difeng Machinery, and placed high hopes on the future development of Difeng Machinery. They expressed that they would always pay attention to the development of Difeng Machinery and give the greatest support and help.

  Difeng Machinery Market System, Production System and Logistics System came on the stage to demonstrate the team's elegant demeanor. By using the wisdom of the group, through various splendid expressions such as dancing, sketches and fashion shows, Difeng expressed its determination and fighting spirit for the development of 2018.

  At the group meeting, Difeng Machinery commended the outstanding and outstanding employees, teams and suppliers in 2017, awarded four awards: outstanding employees, special contribution awards, advanced departments and outstanding suppliers of the year, and awarded certificates and medals to the awarded employees, departments and suppliers by senior leaders of the company, which greatly inspired the confidence and motivation of all employees.

At 20:00, the annual banquet officially began, delicious wine and delicacies, brilliant lights reflect each other, laughter filled the entire venue. This year's Youth League dinner, the performance program is very rich: "brilliant", "exotic amorous feelings", "Jiangnan Waterfront Dance" opened a wonderful prelude to the dinner; "dance music burning", "everyone rowing boat" pushed the dinner to a climax; by the company's senior cadres and guests at the scene of the chorus, "Tomorrow will be better" won the most warm applause and cheer.

  A round of exciting lottery links sent out a big prize for the New Year. High prizes, rich awards, let the banquet scene climax, laughter, congratulations intertwined echo in the hall, the first prize lottery is to promote the scene to a white-hot atmosphere. The dinner lasted until 22:00.

Glory belongs to the past, but dreams still need to be paid.

  New era, new journey. In 2018, Difeng people will be unprecedented in spirit, give up their responsibilities, roll up their sleeves to refuel, concerted efforts, work hard to overcome difficulties, and continue the new brilliance of Difeng Machinery!

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4、Commendation Award


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8、Luck draw


9、Chorus of Tomorrow Will Be Better


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