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Environmental protection upgrade waterborne paint process decryption, Difeng mechanical power waterborne paint automatic painting upgrade!

Date:2019-01-08    Reading number:93

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  On August 16, 2018, the 7th Mechanical Cat Supply and Demand Exchange Event "Environmental Protection Upgrading, Water-based Paint Technology Declassification - Real Wood Intelligent Manufacturing Supply and Demand Exchange" sponsored exclusively by Guangdong Shunde Difeng Machinery Co., Ltd. was held in Yanxuan 100 Brand Hall and Difeng Machinery Factory to discuss the strategy of water-based paint technology upgrade.



Industry people gather in Difeng Machinery Factory

Learning and Exploration

   Nearly 300 household workers gathered at Difeng Machinery Lunjiao New Factory to get a better understanding of the "black technology" of 40 seconds spraying a door by Difeng Machinery, which is the "high-efficiency reciprocating automatic spraying machine" of door and fan automatic spraying line and explosive products of Difeng Machinery.And the practical application of three-dimensional drying kiln.


A group photo of the activists


On-site study and discussion in factories

Black TechnologySpray painting equipment

  • Difeng Mechanical High Efficiency Reciprocating Automatic Painting Machine 


Liu Ning, Deputy General Manager of Difeng Machinery Field Explanation of Enhanced Reciprocating Automatic Painting Machine


Liu Ning, Deputy General Manager of Difeng Machinery Field Explanation of Reciprocating Automatic Painting Machine

  • Difeng Automatic Painting Line for Mechanical Doors and Fans


Liu Ning, Deputy General Manager of Difeng Machinery On-site explanation of automatic painting line for doors and fans

  • Difeng mechanical three-dimensional drying kiln


Liu Ning, Deputy General Manager of Difeng Machinery On-site explanation of three-dimensional drying kiln


Application and Case Sharing

Spray painting equipment、Oil to water improvement

  • Address by General Manager of Difeng Machinery


Ms. Li Yejun, General Manager of Difeng Machinery, addressed the event

At the same time, it tells the whole situation of Difeng Machinery Company from its birth to now.


  • Speech by Chairman of Technical Alliance of Waterborne Wood Coatings Industry


Mr. Yang Xian, Chairman of China Water-borne Wood Coatings Industry Technology Alliance

Describe the situation of waterborne paint in recent years and express the development expectation of waterborne paint.


  • Difeng Deputy General Manager of Machinery Shares Application Cases of Painting Equipment


Mr. Xie Qing, Deputy General Manager and Senior R&D Engineer of Difeng Machinery

The application of intelligent spraying equipment in furniture and wooden door industry was shared on the spot.

  • Sharing with General Manager of Carbury Water-based Paint Business


    Mr. Zhu Yan'an, General Manager of Carbury Waterborne Paint Department 

The classic case of "oil to water" was shared from the perspective of Carborius lacquer itself.


Splendid Event Spot

Scene tidbits




  Difeng Machinery Decrypted Automated Painting Process Application, Powerful Water-based Paint Intelligent Automated Painting Upgrade, Professional Paint Painting Intelligent Automation Solution!

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