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Difeng Machinery Co-Exhibition in Four Places | We sincerely invite you to attend the 19th Lunjiao Woodworking Machinery Exposition

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"Difeng Machinery | Invite you to make an appointment with the 19th Lunjiao Woodworking Machinery Exposition to develop a key to open the era of intelligent spraying, to feel the"fast","good"and"province"of the era of intelligent spraying on the spot.

 Di Feng Machinery


  Guangdong Shunde Difeng Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010. By virtue of excellent R&D and production technology, combined with advanced painting technology platforms in Germany, Italy and other countries, the company has developed fully automatic spraying equipment, flat painting equipment, flat sanding equipment, paint drying equipment and related auxiliary equipment for different customers according to the requirements of paint, substrate, construction technology and quality. Aid equipment to meet customers'needs of energy saving, environmental protection and efficient production. At the same time, it provides all-round technical support, advanced process plan and perfect after-sales service for customers.


Reciprocating Automatic Painting Machine (Enhanced)


High Speed Reciprocating Automatic Painting Machine (Double Open Door)


Automatic Painting Production Line for Three-station Door and Fan

Black technology triggers efficiency change: 30 seconds offline a door!


  Core elements

  Manipulator automatic feeding + 3D scanning technology automatic detection + three-position automatic high-speed spraying + three-dimensional on-line drying + robot automatic off-line.

  Function realization

  Feeding: Manipulator automatic feeding;

  Automatic recognition: 3D scanning technology intelligently identifies the size and specification of the workpiece and matches the processing parameters.

  High-speed intelligent spraying: high-speed one-time completion of wood facade + edge + surface spraying operation;

  Auto-drying system: After spraying, it automatically enters the three-dimensional drying kiln.

  Automatic blanking: Automatic blanking by manipulator.




UV Reciprocating Automatic Painting Production Line

  Some benchmarking customers  


四地联展 各展览馆详细地址


  • Pavilion 1: Pavilion 1, Lunjiao Exhibition Hall 1A20

  • Pavilion 2: Guangdong Shunde Difeng Machinery Co., Ltd.

  • Pavilion 3: Longde Create Difeng Machinery Exhibition Hall

  • Pavilion 4: Strictly Select 100 Difeng Machinery Exhibition Hall

The special bus of this exhibition is responsible for delivering to the pavilions. We look forward to your coming!

Receiving and delivering telephone: Feng Sheng   139 2323 3035      

                   Kuang Sheng : 139 2722 7510



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