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Three Happiness Comes! Difeng Machinery was elected Vice President of Painting Branch of Guangzhou Painting Association. Li Yejun, General Manager, served as Secretary-General of Painting Branch, and won the excellent brand of painting equipment in Guangdong Province.

Date:2019-02-20    Reading number:118

On December 28, 2018, the 3rd working meeting of the 8th Council of Guangdong Coatings Industry Association and the founding meeting of the Painting Branch of Guangzhou Coatings Industry Association were solemnly held in Dongguan Huijing Hotel. Difeng Machinery was invited to attend this event to help the conference succeed.


Common Exchange and Promotion of Development

Di Feng Machinery

In this event, Ms. Li Yejun, General Manager of Difeng Machinery, communicated with leaders of associations, members of various industry cafes and painting sub-branches to help the new development of environmental protection painting in the home industry.

微信图片_20190109175403.jpg微信图片_20190109175412.jpgGeneral Manager of Difeng Machinery and all the big cafes in the industry

Difeng Machinery Sanxi Linmen

Winning three great honors

  In this event, Ms. Li Yejun, General Manager of Difeng Machinery, was appointed Secretary-General of Painting Branch of Guangdong Coatings Industry Association. Ms. Huang Kai, Honorary President of Guangdong Coatings Industry Association, awarded certificates to Ms. Li Yejun at the scene, contributed to Painting Branch and helped to upgrade environmental protection painting.



  At the same time, Guangdong Shunde Difeng Machinery Co., Ltd. has become the deputy director of the Painting Branch of Guangdong Coatings Industry Association. Together with other member units, it promotes the upgrading of environmental protection painting services and breaks through the difficulties and challenges of new materials, new processes and new ideas.


Difeng Machinery, Vice President of Painting Branch (Right Five)

  Finally, Guangdong Shunde Difeng Machinery Co., Ltd. won the excellent brand of painting equipment by having excellent R&D, production, sales and service team. Difeng Machinery's advanced technology, stable quality, reasonable cost-effectiveness and high-quality service won the recognition of many domestic and foreign household enterprises.


Excellent Painting Equipment Brand Difeng Machinery (Left 3)

Difeng Machinery Helps New Development of Environmental Protection Painting

Solving the Difficulties of Painting in Home Enterprises

       At the event site, Mr. Xie Qing, deputy general manager of Difeng Machinery, shared the application of intelligent painting equipment in furniture and customized household with industry cafes. Mr. Xie analyzed how to solve the painting problem of wood products in household enterprises from five product series: automatic spraying, flat painting, painting drying, sanding and auxiliary equipment. He also shared Difeng machine on site. Application case of automatic painting of machinery.


Mr. Xie Qing, Deputy General Manager of Difeng Machinery


Difeng Machinery specializes in providing intelligent automation solutions for paint painting for household enterprises according to the requirements of paint, substrates, construction technology and quality of different enterprises. Now it has in-depth cooperation with many well-known benchmarking household enterprises in China to solve the problem of automation painting.


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