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Concentrating Potential and Enabling Expedition 2019 | Difeng Machinery 2019 Session Five Series Activities

Date:2019-01-10    Reading number:120


|  Gathering Potential and Enabling Campaign 2019  | 

Time engraves new rings and the footprints of the years,
2019 arrived as promised. Looking back on 2018,
The development of Difeng Machinery is a full year and a year of struggle,
It has also been a fruitful year. Under the leadership of the leading group, all Difeng people have written a new chapter of development with the spirit of hard work and hard sweat. Looking through the diary, looking at the circle of friends, recalling the year's work, efforts, burdens and responsibilities, everyone in Difeng felt the same!

Looking ahead to 2019, a new starting point, a higher goal;
The strategy has been decided, the drum sounds, the footsteps of struggle continue to move forward, and the brave stand up to the tide!
At the beginning of the New Year, let's celebrate the achievements and joy of Difeng Machinery in different ways and feelings, and welcome the arrival of the New Year full of challenges and opportunities!


|   One of the Pentalogy |  

Embrace 2019, grow up in Difeng, staff growth camp activities。  

Learning is the ladder of our progress, at the beginning of the New Year.

Let's open the door for growth in 2019 with learning action.

There is another challenge to tackle with the armed forces of knowledge.


|   Pentalogy II  |  

Effective collaboration and conspiracy to develop annual supplier Conference


Efficient and cooperative supply chain is the guarantee of Difeng Machinery

One of the important factors for rapid growth,

Difeng Machinery's future road, will have you all the way!


|   The Third of the Five Series  |  
Join Creation and Share, Joy and Laugh All the Way Annual Staff Travel Activities

Difeng Spirit, Difeng Speed and Difeng People.

Let's stop our busy work for the time being.

Chasing the mountains and forests, looking at the rivers and streams in the forests,

Sigh at the flowers on the branches and sprinkle them all the way with laughter.


|   Quintet IV  |  

Gathering momentum and empowerment to fight for the new spring reunion in 2019

Different Difeng and different annual meetings,

Summarize the past, commend the advanced, and issue the strategic plan for 2019.

Difeng self-directed, self-playing and self-singing.

Deduction belongs to Difeng's grand gala together!


|   Quintet 5 |  

客户至上,携手共赢  客户回访行动

The recognition and affirmation of customers have created Difeng's achievements and brand.

In the new year, the top management team of Difeng Machinery will step into the front line of customers and listen to their truest voices.

To provide customers with better products and services.


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